Recruitment Policy

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Recruitment Policy

Mensagem por Orkmat em Sex Nov 14, 2014 5:28 pm

1.- No Hacking
2.- No Glitching
3.- No Multi-Clanning
4.- Be respectfull
5.- The member need be active
6.- The member need be "mature"
7.- The member need have a nice teamwork

IGN with the Clan Tag:
Why you want join us?:
About You:
Time Zone:
Past Clans:
Past Bans:
How active are you ?:
Which games do you play?:
Contact (Facebook, Steam, Raidcall, etc):
*Dont leave any spaces in blank.

Post the above apliccaton on "Recruitment" forum, in the topic title, write "[Application] IGN.
General of the Army
General of the Army

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